Church On A Hill

So this church was quite literally a church on a hill. This was on our Mission’s Trip to Pittsburgh. We had just drove up a really steep hill (Pittsburgh is basically all hills and bridges, for those who haven’t been there) after a 2 1/2 hour drive, and the sun was setting. The Mission Center was right across the street from here, but we needed to park in the parking lot of this church. Naturally, seeing the sunset and the brick building, I was totally in love and pulled out my phone as quickly as possible. While this was the only picture I was able to take, I was pretty satisfied with the results. If you were to look to the left, you would see a small parking lot, with wildflowers and weeds all throughout it, and a small field. If you looked to the right, you would be looking at a street that went basically straight down, and a few store fronts. And a GORGEOUS sunset. So there is a little bit of God’s amazing creation that we experienced on the trip!!

<3 RCA

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