It’s Coming.

Christmas. Is. Coming. It’s only 22 DAYS AWAY!! This is crazy guys! This year has FLOWN by! If you can’t tell, I’m a bit of a Christmas crazy person. I LOVE figuring out what to get who, and giving gifts, and the generally cheeriness of everything.

(This is going to be a bit of an information post)

That being said, I usually try to post on Mondays and Fridays every week. During the month of December, I will be posting on Mondays, Fridays, AND some other days. It might be just random days, but most likely it will be Wednesdays. So expect posts on basically any day of the week! If you have any blog post ideas, feel free to comment below and let me know!

I also just started an Instagram! The account is @rcalife. I’ll post on there every time I post a blog post, I’ll post an occasional update, and more of my photography! Those posts will obviously be a lot shorter, so if my blog posts are a bit long for you, but you still want to see the photos, feel free to go follow it!

Anywayyyy, back to the rest of the blog post: CHRISTMAS. I obviously love it for the family and friends aspect of it, but also because it’s the birthday of my Lord and Savior. I know, I know, it might not be the exact day. But we don’t know the exact day, so I’m gonna just say that it’s His birthday.

This is the anniversary of the day that Jesus was born- when He became a human, and came down to save us. That’s crazy stuff, guys! Let’s not let that get lost in the hubbub of the excitement!

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