It is summer time peopleeeee! These past three weeks have been absolutely crazy for me- and in the best way.

Our homeschool group spent the last two weeks hardcore preparing for our play- Les Miserables. We’ve been practicing since March, but we were down to the last two weeks so we were at the theater almost everyday. We practiced and practiced, finished costumes, and perfected our routines. It was amazing. Crazy and a lillll stressful, but amazing. So that’s why I wasn’t posting last week, because I was practicing and then performing.

This week, I started my new job so I’ve been working, and we took a small trip to see an old friend and catch up with her. So it’s all been a little bit crazy for a bit.

But we are finally starting to settle into a routine, which will hopefully make things a little less stressful, and I will be able to focus on posting and writing more posts!

That’s a little bit of a life update for you all!! That’s all I have time for today but I will definitely work on posting more and being more active in the coming weeks!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week!!

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