last minute…

So there are two days until Christmas- and I’ll be honest I do not have all of my shopping done. Which is terrible, I know. I really did try but I have absolutely no gifts for my friends and am still missing a couple of gifts for my family members. So in the spirit of giving… I give you last minute gift ideas!

  1. “52 Reasons that I Love You”- buy a deck of cards and write a reason that you love that person on each one.
  2. A hat from Five Below- I used this one this year in a pinch because it was quick and easy, and I knew that the recipient would like it. It is cheap and can be a good way to show love to someone by providing them a warm and fun accessory for their head.
  3. A coffee or tea mug- I barely even drink coffee and tea and I still absolutely LOVE when I get a cute mug that is either about me, or something that I am interested in. They always make me so incredibly happy. I can almost guarantee that this will be a winning gift.
  4. An ornament that symbolizes something special, either between the two of you or about them. They obviously might not be able to use it but ornaments are fairly easy to find- and cheap, depending on the place- at Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, etc. It can be a great way to reminisce on sweet memories for a long time.
  5. Socks. Who doesn’t love socks? Cute ones with food or animals or funny phrases are always a hit, at least in my experience of giving and receiving. And socks are always something that is highly in demand.
  6. Gift cards! Gift cards are one of the easiest and most popular gifts to give. They can sometimes be a bit more expensive because in order for them to really be effective and worthwhile, they might have to have more money on them. But a gift card is a gift card, regardless of the amount of money on it so either way, it can be a meaningful gift that you can get at the last minute.
  7. Christmas decorations. This one is highly dependent on who you are buying for and what their interests are but I know for a fact that if you gave me a Christmas decoration as a gift… you would have my love and loyalty for a very long time. I have plenty of Christmas decorations as is- probably too many for my small room- but I will always find a place for a new one if it is given to me. In my Christmas shopping for other people, I have been dying because I keep seeing incredibly cute Christmas decor in all of the stores and I don’t have enough money to buy all of it. Target is really tempting me this time of year. And let me tell you- decor can be expensive. Buying it for someone else as a gift so that they can use it in the future can be a really big gift as it helps build up their collection of decorations. This could just be me speaking as someone who can never get enough of Christmas decorations 😉
  8. A blanket. Personally, I am a freeze baby. I am almost always cold, unless I am dressed in warm clothes and in a room with a lot of people. So a blanket in any weather is always a great gift- and I know that is true for a lot of people. It will eventually come in handy for some sort of situation and can be a nice accessory if never used for its real purpose of keeping you warm.
  9. A movie- if you know that someone has a favorite movie or show (especially a Christmas one), it can always be a great gift to get them as a DVD so that they can enjoy that movie basically anywhere! And DVDs are fairly easy to get at most stores!
  10. A plant! This one definitely depends on the person because some people really don’t like plants or just aren’t good at taking care of them so they don’t like to get them because they’ll just die. Personally, I am not great at taking care of them but I still loveee to get them. And depending on what kind of plant you get, it can be a fairly cheap gift! My own little plants can attest to the fact that they really brighten up and change the atmosphere of a room.

Well those are all the gift ideas that I have (that I might be using a little for myself) and I hope that they are helpful to someone!


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