We made it to 2023!!! It is officially the new year and I could not be more excited!!

So, just like anyone else, I’ve made some “resolutions”. I’ll be honest though- most of them are things that I have been wanting to start doing for three months and have just never had the resolve to actually do. But I am going to start making a conscious effort to do all of these things.

They are small choices that I hope, given effort and diligence, will lead to a better, healthier lifestyle for me as well as help me to put my focus on God rather than what is going on around me.

My overall goal is to focus on finding joy in everything that God has given me and living out that joy. I had a lot of hard days this year and more often than not, I let it drag me down. I don’t want that to happen this year. One of the biggest ways that will help me do that is keeping a blessing journal. Every night (or hopefully every night) I’ll write two things that I am thankful for- or was blessed by- that day. This will help me to find the positive things even on the hardest of days.

Another thing that really helps me focus on the joys of life is journaling and writing in my prayer journal. If I can write out all of the negative things that I had a hard time with, I can process them better and put them in perspective against the many good things that happened.

As far as my personal health and happiness, I want to be spending more time outside- especially reading my Bible or regular books- I want to be exercising more, and I want to be drinking more water and going to bed earlier. I want to be purposefully doing small things daily that will bring me more happiness and peace. I want to be intentional about taking care of myself rather than putting other, less important things above eating and sleeping.

I have had a lot of trouble loving my life recently. And while I have been working hard on changing my mindset, I can do more than just work on how I think about my life. I can work to make changes in my life that will make it better and make me happier.

I do not expect to meet all of these goals. I’m sure that I will fail a lot. But I am never going to get anywhere in life if I do not at least try, so this is me trying. This is me working towards making a positive difference in my life. I’m not really sure where God is taking me but I am going to work towards whatever it is with all my heart while I wait.

Happy New Years everyone! I hope that you have a blessed 2023 and I can’t wait to share this next year of life with all of you!

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