birthday cake

I recently was at my Bible study with some friends, and we were in our small group discussion. And we were talking about the Scriptures and letting God have the authority in your life through the Scriptures. How the Scriptures and God need to be the first place that you run to for answers, rather than your friends or social media. How we need to be immersing ourselves in the Word daily.

And my friend said something to us. She said “you need to treat the Bible like birthday cake”. Don’t treat it as a chore. Treat it like birthday cake, even on the days that you want to just go to bed or just watch a movie. Make yourself enjoy it so that little by little, you don’t have to make yourself anymore. Get yourself excited to spend time with God.

Personally, I’m guilty of dreading reading my Bible. I try to every day- and generally am successful. But I typically forget about it until right before I go to bed. Which in my case, is not entirely awful because I have a hard time falling asleep a lot of the time and it helps to calm me down. But I would rather not do that. I would rather make the time in the morning. I would rather it be the first thing that I do when I wake up. But I also have a really hard time waking up in the morning. So my first thought is just to go on my phone and scroll Instagram. Which I hate- and I am really trying to work on.

As I was thinking about what my friend said, my brain auto-filled the rest of the sentence: “Treat the Bible like birthday cake, not medicine”.

Now this does change the meaning of the phrase just the tiniest bit, in my opinion. Not by much- and not so that just the birthday cake portion by itself means nothing- but by a little bit. To treat the Bible like birthday cake means to read it everyday like you want to- just like you would want to eat birthday cake (or whatever your version of a treat is) everyday. Don’t treat it like medicine that you only take when you are sick and struggling.

We often tend to go to God when the going gets rough because we are reminded that we still need Him. And then when everything is smooth sailing again, we start thinking that we can handle things on our own. We read our Bibles and connect with God when we are spiritually, mentally, and emotionally sick, looking for the answers to our problems and begging God for a way out. But when we are in a good mood and ready to celebrate, we gravitate towards the world’s birthday cake- the praise of other people, good times, parties, etc.

I know this doesn’t happen 100% of the time with everyone. But it happens to me sometimes. I treat the Bible as some cure when I am lonely to make me feel closer to God. And it works. It should work. I’m not saying it doesn’t bring peace and comfort when I am hurting. I have never felt closer to God than when I am at my lowest points.

But what if I were to have the same fervor and desire for God on my highest high as I do at my lowest low? How much deeper, greater, and stronger would my relationship with Christ be? To cry to Him in the lows and praise Him in the highs. To recognize that even in my greatest moments, His Word still holds true and still has value and the authority in my life. His Word is living and active (Hebrews 4:12) in every moment. In every high and every low and all the tiny, seemingly insignificant moments in between. His Word applies in every single one of them. HE applies in every single one of them. We do not have a God that appears when we are hurting, pushes us back up on our feet and then walks away. He is there in every moment. Every step of the way. Every silent cry. Every shout for joy. Every pain, every triumph, EVERY moment.

He is there. And He will always be there. Regardless of how close He feels. Regardless of if we want Him there. Regardless of if we think that we need Him. He is there, waiting with open arms for us to turn around and run to Him with our pain, our joy, and every emotion in between.

He is our birthday cake. The reward that we want everyday. The thing that brings us joy in our sadness and even greater joy in our happiness. He is medicine, mixed into the birthday cake. It is there waiting for us everyday, if we would only take it.

This has been something that I have been thinking about for about a week- since my friend brought it up. And I haven’t been able to get it off of my heart. But even now, I struggle to find the right words to say. How to adequately describe just how amazing and loving and open our God is. How much His Word means. I pray that my thoughts are at least somewhat coherent and that this brings you encouragement- and I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Until next time 🙂

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