Well, I told you that this summer was going to be a summer of many adventures… so let’s get into the first one!

Our first summer adventure of 2024 was me, my younger sister, and our best friend flying out to Albuquerque to visit our older sister! It was quite the chaotic trip but I will try to just focus on the good parts so that this doesn’t take ten hours to read 🙂

Our flights there got delayed multiple times for multiple different reasons and we ended up stuck in DFW for five hours, somehow landing in Phoenix, spending a night in a hotel room, and then finally landing in ABQ twenty three hours after we wanted to.

So let’s just say that flights there were… an unwelcome adventure. We survived, though there were definitely some very difficult moments- and many moments spent hysterically laughing and crying from the stress. But we did make it!

And even if it was just for a short while, we were able to have the best time in Albuquerque!

We visited Santa Fe for a couple hours and saw so many cute little shops

Then we got to go up the Sandia Crest and catch the last part of the sunset and watch the city light up at night which was AMAZING!!

It was genuinely one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!

The next day, we went and hiked up to the Jemez Mountains Hot Springs- which was definitely a bit difficult on the trail we took but sooo worth it to swim in the hot springs and cool off for a bit before going back down the mountain!

Then we went out to dinner and I had some amazing pho soup- though it was definitely a wayyy bigger serving than I could ever finish!

And then finally, we ended the night by playing pickleball at one of the really cool pickleball facilities in the area!

Our last morning we spent hammocking for about an hour and a half at my sister’s apartment complex before running off to the airport and flying back home!

It was definitely a short trip- made even shorter by all the flight delays and changes- but so very amazing and I am so super thankful to have gotten the opportunity to go visit my sister for the first of many times! More photos will definitely be coming soon- and maybe some more details about our flight chaos because that was an adventure in and of itself- but for now, enjoy these brief little look into my June and get ready for more amazing adventures 🙂

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