The Northern Lights

Here in Northeast Ohio, we have had the most incredible couple of months. Back in April, we got the solar eclipse which was AMAZING and then recently in May, we just got a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

It has always been one of my biggest dreams to see and experience the magic that is the Northern Lights and this was SO cool.

We couldn’t see too much of it from our house, but we were still able to see a little bit and when you pulled out a phone camera, it was even better! I was dragging my younger brother out of the house and forcing him to look at them at like ten o’clock at night because I was so excited. The cover photo on this was one of the photos that I took and even if it isn’t that fantastic of quality, I think it is almost fitting with the circumstances. Raw, unedited beauty.

Did you see the Northern Lights? What did you think of them??

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