Well, the adventure continues on as we bring June 2024 to a close!

For our family vacation this year, we took a trip to Virginia, spending half of the week in Williamsburg and the second half in Washington DC! So in this post we’ll take a look at all of our Williamsburg adventures and then in the next post see all the DC excitement! I figured it would be a lot to put in just one post and I am always looking for more posts so… here we go!

Twelve years ago, when I was about 8 years old, my immediate family and my dad’s parents all took a trip to Williamsburg and DC, much like this one. I remember random bits here and there of that trip but as a whole, not much. So getting to go back now that I am 20, it was a very different experience and I understood so much more about how important the things we were seeing and learning were. I was homeschooled my entire life and history was really important to my mom- and one of my favorite subjects- so I already knew most of the things we were learning but getting to see them firsthand and explore the different homes, farms, and palaces in the Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown was very eye opening.

The most important part of the whole trip- obviously- was getting to pet this sweet lil baby at Colonial Williamsburg! She was sooo adorable and was drinking up the attention of everyone that passed by. We got to see her twice and pet her both times and she was so cute!

And then as you can see in this photo and the cover photo, we got to see the beautiful Governor’s Palace! We were able to take a self guided tour through the palace, the kitchen, and the grounds which are SO gorgeous! The kitchen actually makes full course meals so that you can see the different foods the people back then would have eaten and they are definitely interesting.

The palace grounds also had this cute maze leading up to a stairway that holds a small platform above the small building that used to be the ice house. The maze wasn’t the greatest because it just led right back to the beginning but a lot of the hedges had little holes to go through that people had created over time so we were able to go through and make it to the other side! It wasn’t exactly the most riveting maze but it was still a lot of fun to do with my siblings!

at the other end of Colonial Williamsburg is the actual Capital! We didn’t tour this building but even just looking at it from the outside, it is a very impressive building! Personally, I prefer the old stone and brick buildings from history over the glass skyscrapers of today so this whole town was right up my alley.

In Jamestown, we were able to tour two ships from history- the Godspeed and I believe the Discovery. I could be wrong about the Discovery but that was what one of the signs said so… we’ll call it the Discovery!

The most interesting thing about this ships for me was that rather than having a wheel for steering, as we often see in the movies, there was a pole connecting to the rudder that one moved either way, like in a smaller motorboat. I guess I had never thought about it before and had just assumed that all ships had wheels like the movies.

And finally, this wouldn’t be complete without a sunset photo! This was the sunset from our resort that we stayed at and honestly might be the only sunset photo I have from the entire trip. Which I know is unheard of for me but I guess that was just how it worked out this time!

This trip truly was so fun and educational and I can’t wait to share our DC adventures in the next post!

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