Introducing Me

Hey everyone!! I’m super super excited about this, because this is the first blog I have all to myself!!
Here is a little bit about myself. I am a teenager, living in Ohio. I love writing books, writing blog posts, and photography. So guess what?! Ya’ll get to see all of those things! Bear in mind, I am no professional, I have never been a published author, and my blog posts can sometimes be very cheesy.

I do have another blog with some of my friends, called Sugared Moments. I post short stories, poems, and occasional blog posts on there, but my friends are all very talented, and I would definitely suggest checking them out, since they will likely be posting more than me.

My favorite type of story to write is romance, but I have occasionally branched out into other things, though I have never finished them.

I currently have one book finished, that is called “The Warrior’s Daughter”, and the first chapter of that is already up on here, under the “The Warrior’s Daughter” category. I am currently working on one other book mainly, as well as have a few other ones started.

I have been a Christian since I was born. I accepted Jesus when I was eight or nine, and have been saved ever since. All my posts will be clean, and based on Christian values. Please keep any comments clean and kind.

Lastly, any feedback at all is welcome! If you see something that you don’t believe is accurate, feel free to comment! My goal is to make my books as accurate as possible, the way I want. Most of my books so far are not historically accurate, so you will see that, but anything else is totally welcome and I would love to hear what you all think!

Thanks, RCA