Anti-Racism Resources

As a white girl, I want to be aware of what is going on around me, specifically regarding white supremacy and racism. I wasn’t sure- and I am still not entirely sure- how to do that. How could I learn about racism, it’s effects, and everything pertaining to it if I was a white girl?

This document is full of articles, podcasts, and other things that are there to educate white people on racism, anti-racism, and to deepen anti-racism work. I have not been able to read all of them yet, so I will stress that I do NOT know what all of these articles, podcasts, and books contain. If there is misinformation, language, or anything else concerning, I sincerely apologize if I have led you astray from what is right. But it’s better to put it out there than be afraid of being blamed for something that isn’t my fault.

I hope this can shed some light for you on what others go through, as well as how we can help them.