Before you all get on me about this- yes, I am aware that I have been super inactive, and haven’t posted. It’s been a crazy couple weeks, and I am just now getting the time to sit down, write, read, and do a post.

Last week, I was given the opportunity to go on a missions trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the weekend. Don’t worry, we social distanced when we were out of our apartment, we wore masks, and we were cautious. Trust me, everything was planned out well so that no one got sick.

It was one of the most amazing experiences ever. We were able to safely run a few Vacation Bible Schools, do some street evangelism, and see some of the sights of Pittsburgh. And it was BEAUTIFUL. It made me so happy to see God’s beautiful creation.

I wish I could show more pictures. I wish I could somehow impart to you just how much this weekend impacted me. Just how much it made me feel so connected with God. Sitting in His Creation everyday, while reading the Bible was so peaceful.

All that is to say- I learned more from those kids than from some of the adults. They didn’t know us. They met us for the first time on that first day. And yet they were completely open to talk to us, play with us, make us laugh, and do anything with us. Some of them didn’t even speak English, and yet they still “talked” to us in their own ways.

They were the definition of childlike faith. They knew the answers to the questions, they listened diligently, and had a genuine interest in learning about the Bible. Don’t ever doubt that just because they are young, or have a language barrier, they are unable to learn. They are, and they will. They might just surprise you with how much.