Being Thankful

Disclaimer: This was written the day before Thanksgiving, and me being me, i forgot to finish and post it, so here is a nice after thanksgiving reminder for next year- you can even read it next year on the day before thanksgiving if you want to 😉

So Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Crazy, right? This year has seemed to fly and crawl by, all at the same time. And suddenly it’s Thanksgiving- and Christmas is only thirty days away. The times of hot cocoa, presents, and snowflakes are almost upon us. I know that I personally have been looking forward to the Christmas season. In a year of chaos, unrest, and panic, Christmas seems to be the only thing to look forward to anymore.

But don’t let the light and joy of Christmas outshine the value of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time to- well to state the obvious, a time to be thankful. Don’t forget what Thanksgiving is all about! Give our wonderful God thanks for all that he has done!!