The Light Unto My Path

This past weekend I was given the opportunity to go to Pennsylvania on a youth retreat. Yes, we took the necessary precautions. We wore masks, washed our hands often, and yadadada. Anywayyyyy.

On Sunday, we were given the opportunity to climb to the top of the hill to this cross. It was higher up than anything else around, and can be seen from almost all around the camp. At night, it has spotlights on it that make it even more visible (as evidenced by this picture). It’s a twenty minute walk to the top (well, one guy said he could do it in seven minutes, but when you are in a few layers of clothing, and freezing, it takes a bit longer), and it is all up hill. Add the cold wind on your face, sweating because you are hot under all your clothes, and having to wade through snow at some parts, and makes for a nice fun walk. But the end result is soooooo worth it. I’ll post more pictures of what it looked like during the day, as well as the view later. For now, you just get a picture of it at night.

The first time that we went up there was Sunday morning. We could barely see anything below us because the wing was blowing the snow back and forth, and there was so much fog. Regardless, it was still so beautiful. Later, when we were on the hill below it, you couldn’t see the top.

We hiked up there again at night, when it was dark. The outline of the cross was lit up against the sky so that every time you looked up, you saw it’s shadow. You could barely make out the twinkling lights of the cities below. It was beautiful. Even just the cross itself was just… it was amazing. It was such an amazing reminder. The giant steel cross is about 60 feet tall, and when at the base of it (on a clear day) you can see West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. It is the largest steel cross in the world. It was built in 1950, paid for mostly by donations. It serves as a reminder that, even if it seems unreasonable and impossible, God will make a way. I don’t think I can ever forget that reminder, or the time that I spent there this weekend.

More photos to come!!

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