Annndddddddd just when I’m hoping that spring might be coming soon, over the past few days, we’ve gotten almost a foot of snow. A FOOT. I’m serious! And it’s still coming down as I’m writing this. (What did I expect, the groundhog saw his shadow ;)). Now don’t get me wrong- I am LOVING this snow. It’s the perfect packing snow. My siblings and I have been outside almost every day this week, digging large holes in the snow that we can crawl in and lay down in. It’s pretty sweet. A wee bit cold, but I’ll manage, I suppose.

In the very first picture, you can see how high up on the mailboxes the snow is going.

This was the view from my back deck. You can see just how deep the snow is getting. Our pool cover- which would usually have a large dip in it, with little “hills” where the balloons are keeping it from continually resting on the surface of the water- looks almost completely flat. The boards that are at the bottom of the railing are almost completely covered (you can see it at the middle left of this picture), the stairs aren’t even visible in this picture, and there’s a good bit of snow on top of the railing. And that was two days ago- the snow has been falling pretty steadily since then. Northeast Ohio is pretty much Narnia right now.

ESPECIALLY our back woods. I mean, how can you look at that and not think, “woah, that looks like Narnia?” Okay so maybe it’s a little scruffier than Narnia, and a little less majestic looking with all the forts, booby-traps, and wooden boards, but hey, this is as close as we are getting right now.

If you haven’t figured it out by now: snow is not my favorite thing in the world. More specifically cold. I’m making the best of it. It’s beautiful, it’s God’s creation, and it’s a blessing that we can even have snow.

But I do know that not everyone can make the best of this situation. Texas has gotten hit pretty hard- maybe not with as much snow, but they’ve definitely gotten hit hard. My prayers are going out to everyone there right now, and I would encourage you to pray too. I don’t exactly know all the details, so I’m not going to elaborate, because I don’t want to misinform anyone. But I would encourage you to look up what’s going on. (As I will be doing in the very near future).

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day, and that everyone is staying safe! The roads are kinda rough right now- at least in my area- so drive safe!!

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