Good Friday

It felt only appropriate to use this photo today, since it is Good Friday.

What’s so good about today? Isn’t today the day that Jesus suffered and died? How is that good? I asked myself that a lot when I was a kid. I thought that we should switch the names of Black Friday and Good Friday so that the day that Jesus died was Black Friday, and the day that we got amazing deals was Good Friday.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized just how good today is. While it is hard to think about Jesus suffering and dying, we know that he suffered and died for us. His death took away our sins. His death made it so that we could be in Heaven with him one day. I’d say that makes today a pretty good day for us.

So often, we minimize just how much Jesus went through for us. We tend to think “oh, yeah, he died for us”. Guys. HE DIED FOR US. Like he loved us so much and wanted to be with us so much that he was nailed to a cross- do you understand how painful that had to have been?- bleeding, and in a whole lot of pain, and died for us. He did that for us. He was willing to do that for us. Just so that we- a whole bunch of messed up, terrible, selfish people- could be with him in Heaven.

He could’ve stopped it. He could’ve stopped it at any moment. He could have said “no, you know what, I’m out.” He could have come down off of that cross and saved himself, and hurt every single person who ever caused him pain. He could have left us to spend an eternity in hell. And we would have deserved it. We deserve to spend eternity in hell. We do. We are selfish. We are terrible people. We hurt others. We make sure that we are above everyone else.

But he didn’t care. He didn’t care that we don’t always care about him. He loved us anyway. He died for us anyway. And we can’t ever forget that.

There’s a lot going on in our world right now. A lot of messed up stuff. I can’t even talk about how heavy my heart is for the place that our world is in. Don’t let all that is going on around us take away from this weekend. When we let this weekend get lost in the noise, we let Jesus and all that he did for us get lost. Don’t let that happen.

Have a blessed Good Friday, and don’t forget what happens in just three days!