The In Between

How gorgeous is this sky? It was in between rain and sunshine around sunset, and it was just gorgeous.

I know there have been a lot of short posts recently but heyyyyy at least they are on time 🙂 Life has been a bit busy with school lately, so I haven’t been able to get much substance into my posts lately. But I promise, it will be coming soon. School is going to start winding down soon, so that should help a lot. Another issue is that I don’t know what subjects you guys want me to talk about! So, if you have a topic that you reallyyyy want me to hear about, you can either leave a comment on this post, or you can private message me on Instagram! My username is at the bottom of almost every one of these posts, and I’ve started linking the account as well, so you just have to click on the username and it will take you to the account! I want to know what you guys want so please please reach out to me!

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your week, and are staying safe and healthy.



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