Life Through a Lens

We all view life through different lenses. In this photo, everything behind the bottle is a different color- you view things through that bottle with a different filter, lens, and color.

Some of us view things through a bitter lens. Some through a joyful, positive lens. At the end of the day, we all have a lens on life. And that’s fine. That’s okay. That’s a result of our experiences, and sometimes there isn’t much that we can do to change that.

BUT I believe that while we view things through the lenses that our experiences have given us, we also view them through the lens of Christ. Through the lens that he has given us, and through the lens of what he has done for us. He’s done a lot for us. I mean, c’mon, he died for us! I’d say that’s a whole lot if you ask me. I try to go through life with the filter of thankfulness, knowing just how much Jesus loves me, and how much he did for me.

Now, am I perfect? Not even close. I still have a hard time. I’m still negative a lot. I have a hard time finding the silver linings. But I’m trying, and I’m getting better every day, and every time that I change my reaction from negative to positive. We can all only do our best.

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