Words On A Page

Words have power- so much power.

They have the ability to make or break someone. They have the ability to shine a light on something small, suddenly making it larger than life and noticeable. Lives have been changed because of someone taking notice and writing about it.

It has always been my goal to write things that matter- things that will make a difference. Whether that be instilling certain ideals and truths into my books, or writing my blog posts about things that I believe are important. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that- although I clearly can’t judge my own accomplishments.

Too often, we use our words to hurt others. You see it everywhere- people sending rude or harsh texts without thinking; one social media post can end someone’s career- there are so many other examples.

My point is this- whether you are writing something publicly or privately, what you say matters. It makes a difference. I’ve written about what you speak before, but I’m talking about specifically what you write or type. Things can be soooo easily misconstrued over a screen or paper.

If you are going to write something to someone, make sure that you make your meaning clear. Because you could unintentionally ruin someone’s day, week, month, or life, just because you accidentally said something wrong. That is especially easy to do over text- it is so easy to type things, especially because you don’t always immediately see the repercussions of it.

Be clear, be concise, and be careful. It’s like I said- Words. Have. Power. That power is yours to use for good or for harm. Which one are you going to use it for?

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