Living Life In Color

So often, we live life with so much worry and anxiety. We are so afraid of something going wrong, or of something happening that we miss out on so many things.

We miss seeing the sunrises because we don’t want to go to all the trouble of getting up early, and then having to deal with being tired all day. We miss seeing God’s gorgeous creation in full display.

We don’t go on roadtrips because we are scared of something happening. We miss amazing adventures.

There are many many other examples, varying from good to amazing to crazy to fantastic. We miss out on sooo much because of fear.

Now I’m not saying that all fear is unjustified. But there are certain things that we are afraid of just so that we can use it to get out of things.

Fear can be a powerful, powerful thing. It can stop us from doing a lot of things.

I struggle with it too. I’m not saying something as someone who has no idea what it feels like. It’s something that I am working on too.

We need to live life to the fullest- honoring God in all that we do, doing the fun and adventurous things.

God calls us to live without fear. So let’s do that.

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