These are a few of my favorite CHRISTMAS things

Well, it’s December 14th. The third day of the first week of RCA Life’s countdown to Christmas! Yesterday was my first day off of school and let me tell you… the freedom I feel right now is amazing.

But that’s not what today’s post is about!

We have eleven days until Christmas- eleven days that if you are me, will be filled with shopping, family get-togethers, playing in the snow, watching Christmas movies, and drinking hot chocolate and peppermint mochas.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be looking for suggestions on which movies to watch, drinks to have, and everything else! So here are MY favorites- but I can’t expect you to rely on me alone. So here’s the plan: every day that I announce a blog post on Instagram in these next eleven days- and also on yesterday’s Instagram post- I will be asking for one of your favorite things. It’ll be like the question of the day, Christmas style. So if you follow me on Instagram, feel free to drop into the comments there and let me know what your favorite thing of the day is!

Now onto my favorites!

My Favorite Christmas Movie: “A Nutcracker Christmas”- yes, it’s a Hallmark. But what did you expect from the romance writer? My sisters and I watch this every year and I can never ever get tired of it!

My Favorite Christmas Song: “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” by Casting Crowns. Or that is one of my favorites- I’m not sure that I can really choose. But that one is one that is really special to me and I love listening to.

My Favorite Snow Activity: Okay, I know, I’m a senior in high school and I still play in the snow? And enjoy it? Well, I wish I could blame it on the fact that my little brother- who is about eight years younger than me- is the reason, but it’s not. I truly love going out in the snow, even if I do get cold really easily. My favorite activity would have to be sledding- kinda an obvious, basic one, but it really is fun.

My Favorite Christmas Drink: While I do like hot chocolate, it has to be the perfect mix of chocolate powder, milk, and marshmellows for me to really enjoy it. If it is too rich or too watery, I have a hard time. I do LOVE a peppermint mocha from basically anywhere- although if I remember correctly, I do really like the one from Starbucks. Something about it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy 🙂

My Favorite Christmas Activity/Tradition: Reading the Christmas story every Christmas morning with my family before we go downstairs to open presents. In the buzz and excitement of getting new things, it really helps me to remember what the day is truly about.

My Favorite Christmas (or winter, I suppose)Piece of Clothing: It would not be a Christmas season if I did not wear my olive green beanie at least twenty times. Or any beanie, for that matter. Wearing that hat almost instantly makes me happy.

My Favorite Christmas Shopping Store: For sure Macy’s- something about it feels so happy and Christmasy (definitely not the decorations everywhere and Christmas music playing, right?).

My Favorite Christmas Book: “The Tale of Three Trees”. I don’t remember exactly what the title of my version is, but it has always been one of my favorite stories. My family has the book and every year when we pull it out at Christmas time, I love sitting down and reading it. It is a story about three trees (big surprise, right?) that all dream of what they are going to become one day. One wanted to be a treasure chest, carrying the greatest treasures. Another wanted to be a great ship that carried great kings. The last tree wanted to be the tallest tree in the whole forest and point the people that saw him to God. Eventually, the three of them were cut down. The first one was disappointed to be turned into a simple manger. The second one became a small fishing boat. And the third tree was cut into pieces and left alone. Years later, that manger would become the manger that Jesus was placed in after being born. That boat was the fishing boat that Jesus was in when He calmed the storm. And that tree that was left in pieces became the pieces that built the cross that Jesus was crucified on.

The trees all learned that even though it didn’t come in the way that they thought it would, they each got their dream. The manger carried the greatest treasure that there has ever been. The boat carried a great king. And the cross will forever point people to God.

My Favorite Christmas Food: My grandma’s amazing Christmas ham.

My Favorite Christmas Dessert: Either my grandma’s fudge or just a plain sugar cookie.

My Random Fun “Favorites”: These are things that don’t really fall into a category, but I felt like they were worth listing anyway.

I love driving down to my grandparents the day after Christmas and spending time with all of my little cousins, seeing them open their gifts, and getting to wake up to their energy and laughter.

I love sitting with all of my family on a cold night, under blankets, and watching a Christmas movie. Whether it be a kid’s movie or a classic, I love spending time with my family like that. Especially when it includes my cousins and my aunts and uncles.

I love seeing my friends a few days before Christmas and giving them gifts and the general cheer of it all.

I love when the house is darker and the Christmas lights and the tree and the decorations light up the house and we are all spending time together, laughing and talking.

I love when my parents surprise us on a random night with the “A Family Minivan Express”. We go and drive around parts of Northeast Ohio with popcorn and hot chocolate and look at all of the Christmas lights people have in their yards.

I love going out and getting our Christmas tree all together and picking out the “perfect” tree and working together to carry it back to the car.

I love decorating our tree and the general cheer that surrounds it, with Christmas music playing in the background and looking at all of the old ornaments from different memories.

I love driving places with my sisters while we sing Christmas songs at the top of our lungs.

I love getting together with my extended family on Christmas Eve and exchanging gifts and spending time together.

And most importantly, I love spending time celebrating Jesus’ birth at our church’s Christmas Eve service.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week!!

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