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Well, it has been a long wait- I think it’s been longer for me than anyone- but the time has finally come to share my new project! Today I am just sharing the prologue, and a little bit of information about it, but sometime next week, the first chapter will be out! These chapters will be much more spaced out than the last book was in the end- it will be once a month, possibly less. While I do love posting my projects on here, I also love posting actual blog posts about my life, my photography, etc.

So without further ado…

This is the story of Adelina and Drustan (Drew-stan), set in Medieval England. They were friends as children, both from wealthy, noble families. But when Adelina’s family dies under mysterious circumstances- circumstances only she knows- her life is turned upside down. Her faith in Drustan is lost. Determined to get justice for her family after two years, she returns home to find that everything has changed- and Drustan is the one person that can help her. Forced together again, the two must navigate his treacherous father, the secrets of her past, and their growing feelings for each other.

I hope you all enjoy my new book, “Traitorous Hearts”:

Adelina shrank into the shadows of the library as the door opened. Who could possibly be in here so late at night? She wasn’t even supposed to be in here. 

She peeked out from behind the bookshelves and watched as her mother, father, and Baron Haimon walked in. Now that she got an up close look at Drustan’s father, he was much less handsome than she had thought. Drustan must have gotten his good looks from his mother.

But why were they here? Had something happened with Drustan’s training? Was he coming back? Had they figured out some way that he didn’t need to take over his father’s title? Had Haimon made his new baby son his heir? She couldn’t help hoping that had happened- she missed Drustan already. Even if he had only left two days before, she felt his absence sharply. 

“What was so important that you needed to awaken us in the middle of the night, Baron?” She heard her father ask wearily. 

“Rorick, be polite.” Her mother, Anabelle, admonished. “Haimon must have something important to say. Let us listen to him.” 

Adelina could see her father look at her mother strangely- he was suspicious of something. Adelina would know that look anywhere.  

“Proceed, Baron.” Rorick nodded. 

“You know that tension in England has been growing. Many of the nobles are rebelling against the king.” 

“If you speak of the traitors in the North, then yes, I know.” 

Baron Haimon paused, almost caught off guard. “Yes, them.” He took a deep breath. “It is my belief that those men should be stripped of their land and titles. The king isn’t bold enough to do it, but I believe that we can take matters into our own hands. Anabelle agrees with me.” 

Her father’s demeanor turned icy cold. “That is Duchess Anabelle to you, Baron Haimon. Remember your station.” 

“My apologies, your grace.” There was a deceptive sincerity in his words. “Duchess Anabelle and I believe that it would be wise to exert our power over these traitorous nobles. We need to show them that they cannot get away with this betrayal.” 

Rorick shook his head. “I am sorry, Baron Haimon, but I will not participate in something like this. If the king believes there is a problem, he will handle it. We all know that this is not about the fact that they are traitors, but rather the fact that they have land and you do not. I have no need of land- you may do whatever you like. Ana and I will not participate in this bloodshed. We have our own family to look after.” He turned his back on the other two and looked out the window. “Anabelle should be getting back to bed. She just had our son, Asher, two days ago and she needs to be resting and looking after him. And if I recall correctly, your own wife just had a baby. You should be with her and your child. I’m sorry I could not be of help to you- I was very fond of your son.” 

Adelina watched as Haimon shook his head. “I’m the one who is sorry, Rorick. I wish that you had accepted my offer. But now that you know my secret…” he trailed off. “Anabelle, please leave. Go attend to your baby. I will send your husband to you when we finish talking.” 

Adelina watched her mother leave the room, trailing her hand down Haimon’s arm. Her father turned around, staring at Haimon with narrowed eyes. 

“What are you doing, Haimon?” 

“What I should have done years ago, Rorick.” Haimon unsheathed his sword, stabbing her father through his stomach. 

Adelina stifled a gasp, staring with wide eyes. Why had her mother left? Why hadn’t she protected her husband? But she hadn’t known what Haimon was going to do. She wouldn’t have left otherwise. 

“I hope you know that Anabelle never loved you.” Haimon hissed menacingly. “She could never truly let me go. And now that I’ve offered her the opportunity of a lifetime, she can’t pass it up.” He laughed cruelly. “But do you want to know what is even better? I don’t even love her.” 

He had to be lying- her mother had always been so devoted to her father. Adelina had seen her tell him that she loved him before. She trusted her mother over this cruel, evil man. 

He pushed her father to the floor and turned, walking to the door and opening it. He spoke to someone outside. “Kill Anabelle and the stupid girl. Drustan mentioned her especially.” Drustan had told his father to kill her especially? Had their friendship been a lie? Had he been spying for his terrible father the whole time? “Save the baby. He’ll do just fine in place of my Katerina’s failure. If Drustan fails to be a good heir, I will have another.” He stepped out the door. “And then burn the castle down.”

Adelina fell back against the bookshelf as he left the room. What had they done to deserve this? 

Through her confusion and anguish she was suddenly aware of the imminent danger she was in. They would look for her once they didn’t find her in her bed. She grabbed as many books as she could, running over to her father. She knelt next to him, staring down into his lifeless eyes. A few of her tears fell onto his face and she tried to hold them back. 

She tore his cross and chain from his neck and wrapped it around her fingers. She shut his eyes and turned away, unable to look anymore. The bottom of her dress was covered in his blood but she tried not to pay attention to it. 

She grabbed one of the waterproof bags from a hook on a bookshelf. She shoved everything into it, tying it shut and putting it on her shoulder. 

She pushed open the window, thankful that the library wasn’t on the second floor. She jumped out, rolling onto the ground. She looked up at the house- it was silent and dark. No one would ever know what was going on inside if they were looking at it. 

She picked herself up off the ground and ran to the stable. There was no time to saddle her horse- she would need to ride bareback. At least one good thing had come out of her friendship with Drustan- he had taught her how to ride without a saddle comfortably. She stopped before going to her horse’s stall- if the fire caught on the stable, all of these horses would be killed. 

She opened all of the stall doors, trying to get the horses out as quietly as possible. Once a few had begun to run, the rest followed, running out into the night. They wouldn’t go far, and would likely come back in the morning to find their home gone, but at least they would be alive. Her father had worked hard to breed pureblooded horses. 

She bridled Alastair, the horse her father had just given her, and pulled herself up carefully. He was bigger than she was used to, but that was the least of her concerns right now. 

She pushed him to a gallop as soon as she was sure no one would hear her. She looked back over her shoulder as the flames engulfed her home and Haimon rode away. 

She grit her teeth- Haimon wouldn’t get away with this. She would make sure that he regretted killing her father.

As she rode off into the darkness, unsure where to go, she became even more resolved. Haimon would remember her name, and wish that he had killed her himself. She would make sure of it. 

That’s all for now- I hope you all are excited to see what comes next because I definitely am!
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