Graduation Speech :)

So at my graduation a threeish months ago(wow, it feels like much longer), I gave one of the speeches. And I wanted to share that with you guys, since I just started college this week. If felt like a “full circle” type of moment to post it now. Obviously, it says that I’m addressing my fellow graduates, but I’m really addressing everyone.

Now to my fellow graduates… our lives are about to change a lot. We are all going to be heading in so many different directions. Some of us are going to college, some of us are working full time jobs, and everything in between. No matter where we go next, things change after this. For some of us, it’ll be a lot of change. For others, just a little bit of change. But either way, things are going to change. Whether we like it or not, we can’t stop the fact that change is coming. We’ve lived the past eighteen or so years under our parents’ roofs and authority. We’ve been able to fall back on them when things get difficult. And while I know our parents will always be there to support us, we are responsible for ourselves. The next steps that we take will be steps that we decide for ourselves. The people we meet and the friends we make will be people that we bring home to meet our parents- not people our parents have known since they were kids. Everything changes- even if we are doing the exact same thing that we did before, there’s something different about it now. Our parents have been preparing us for this for the past several years, getting us ready to take this huge step. Personally, however, I don’t think that our parents could ever do enough to truly prepare us. And this isn’t their fault- it’s because there’s only one person who could ever really walk us through this and prepare us for this next step. That person- in case it wasn’t already obvious- is God. 

Change is inevitable, but God is holding our hands in every situation. Many things change. We change, our surroundings change, our lives change. But there is one person who does not change. God doesn’t change. And that is something to hope and trust in. Hebrews 13:8 says that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Jesus never changes. Our lives can be so uncertain, but Jesus is not uncertain. He is steadfast in everything. While our lives are changing and we are trying to navigate the new things being thrown at us, God is the only one who is going to be able to carry us through that without changing. 

While I would hope that we all already knew that, I know that personally,  I often struggle with remembering that. But I don’t want to forget it again, going into this next chapter of life- and I hope that none of you do either. We all need one constant thing in our lives- and believe me, nothing could ever be more constant than God. One quote that I have found particularly applicable in these times comes from Christian author David Jeremiah, “We can embrace change by knowing we serve an unchanging God.” We can trust that we will come out of the change on the other side because we trust in the unchanging God who is over it all. 

Now to the part that we’ve all probably heard a thousand times over the past four years- this next phase of our lives is one of the most crucial times of our lives as far as keeping the faith goes. Like I said before- we are responsible for ourselves now. It isn’t likely that our parents will be able to make sure we are going to church every week and reading our bibles. We have to take that initiative for ourselves. And whether we do that or not will change the results of these next years drastically. These next steps have the potential to be very rewarding, but also very difficult. I would encourage you to not draw away from God because of that difficulty, but find hope and sanctuary in him. So when those difficult times come, remember the one who does not change. The one who will never change. Focus on him, and not the change and fear around you. I can guarantee you that if you do focus on God, you will be miles ahead of your classmates and coworkers who do not. You will be able to go further than them because you have a loving God keeping you going. Even when we aren’t entirely sure where we are going, we can keep pushing forward knowing that God has our back- and more importantly, has a plan. As one of the dads told us at graduate gathering last week, it is time for us to live by the Spirit and let it guide us. He reminded us that if we live by the Spirit through reading Scripture, praying, keeping a clear conscience, and listening for God’s voice, God will guide us through life and show us how He wants us to live. It isn’t going to be easy- I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve struggled, and that I don’t anticipate this being easy. There may be a million other things that we want to do. But when we are truly experiencing God’s grace and steadfastness, this hard thing will be the easiest thing that we ever do. 

Well, congratulations, guys. We finally made it through high school. Thank you everyone.

I hope that you all were able to take some wisdom from this!

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