christmas is comin

My friend and I- or we prefer to call each other Christmas buddies, actually- have been developing a winter bucket list since september and we have FINALLY been able to start checking things off the list. We’ve seen Christmas plays and concerts, listened to unhealthy amounts of Christmas music, put up lots and lots of Christmas decorations, watched Christmas movies (including our personal favorite: A Nutcracker Christmas), and done a couple of Christmas themed devotionals on the Bible app. In general, we’ve clearly been trying to fit in as much holiday cheer as possible in the short time before Christmas 🙂

There are just a few days left till Christmas (which means I should really get on buying my family Christmas presents)- and I could not be more excited! There may not be snow on the ground yet, but I keep reminding myself that that isn’t what Christmas is really about. Christmas is about the light of Jesus coming down to us so that we can one day be with Him in Heaven.

So while our bucket list is super exciting and fun, we have to be careful not to become so so focused on the exciting “worldly” aspects of Christmas that we lose sight of the true meaning of this season.

there is my little reminder to you all as we approach Christmas 🙂 I hope that everyone is having a wonderful December and that you are ready for the boatload of posts coming your way!!

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