A Quiet Night In

Over Christmas break, my siblings and I decided to move our basement TV, that we aren’t currently using due to flooding, into my room. Unfortunately, once school started I wanted to have my desk space back so we did end up moving it back downstairs but for about a month there, I had my own personal TV in my room and was really able to watch whatever I wanted whenever. So I spent a lot of quiet nights crocheting and watching new shows and movies.

During that time, I crocheted my first real clothing item, pictured above.

I’ve learned that I really struggle to choose crocheting, knitting, and sewing projects because there is no ‘perfect project’. I have so much yarn that I want to make so many things with but I am so afraid of wasting the yarn that I just never end up using it. But this time, I finally committed and it did turn out quite wonderfully and I am so excited for summer to come because I will finally get to truly wear it.

With this new year, I have really been trying to find better and more productive ways to fill my time. I deleted most of my social media apps and have been seriously trying to cut down my screen time and spend time doing things that are more productive and fruitful. Reading my Bible and praying more, spending time outside, crocheting, knitting, or sewing, or reading and writing a lot. School and work getting more intense also helps. It can be difficult to find things to fill the time in my days, especially days that I have off of work, but when it works out, it truly can be so beneficial and healthy, depending on the hobbies that you choose.

So what are your hobbies that you are choosing for 2024?

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