Quarantine Day:?

Alright guys, I’ll be honest. I haven’t kept track of the days I have been in quarantine. I don’t even know what day I started quarantining. I know it was March, but after that… it’s basically just days to me, with an occasional event to stick out.

I spent my 16th birthday in quarantine. The “most important” birthday. (Disclaimer- I was able to have a few friends outside my house and still was able to have human interaction, while still following social distancing rules.) My family was amazing and pulled together an amazing celebration for me. Throughout the day, they had people scheduled to come, stay for maybe five minutes, and then leave. This happened ALL DAY. I promise, we were careful.

I got a wicked sunburn that is still going away- and definitely not tanning, unfortunately. Thankfully, that means that I haven’t been able to forget about that experience, and I know that I won’t for a long time.

That’s been about the only thing that has marked my days. Other than that, it’s been school, school, and more school. I will hopefully finish next week, but until then, I am chugging along as fast and hard as I can. With only two subjects left, I am finally on the home stretch.

But now to the main point of this post. Quarantine. It’s been downright hard for me. Bearing in mind that I am extremely introverted- this has been hard for me. Not being able to hug my friends every week at church, or my homeschool co-op has been so hard. Everything has been cancelled. My big sister’s graduation was cancelled. Multiple people have had to postpone their weddings. I’ve seen people getting married in quarantine, with just their family. People haven’t even been able to attend the funerals of loved ones.

People have adapted to this, and will continue to adapt. I heard a song a few weeks ago, that just came out, called Together by For King and Country. Already one of my favorite bands, this song only made me love them more. In a time when we feel as if we are only falling, remember that we are falling together. We are all going through this together. This isn’t just one person going through it alone. We are all hurting and suffering together.

But we are going to rise. I promise you, we will rise. Eventually, whether this goes away or not, we will rise. Whether we are rising to Heaven to be with Jesus, or rising into a broken world and a shaken economy, we are going to rise. And when we do, we will do that together. We will rebuild. We will move on. And someday, this will be just a distant memory.

Don’t forget Who is holding us in His hands. When we feel alone, and scared, and unsure, remember that we aren’t out on our own. We are held by the One Who made ALL THINGS. We are held by the One who KNOWS OUR TOMORROW. So in these unsure times… we aren’t alone. We aren’t abandoned.

We are HELD BY THE CREATOR. That right there is what we need to remember. So we don’t have to worry about what tomorrow will bring. Because whatever happens, it is HIS Will. Even if it isn’t ours.


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