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I often struggle to find peace. Even recently, it has been one of my biggest struggles. I constantly have things running through my head. Book ideas, photos I want to take, school, and everything else I need to do in the day. I get extremely stressed because I want to do it all. That steals my peace.

I can still do all that I want. I can still get it all done- it doesn’t have to stress me out. A friend reminded me recently that if I would just give it all to God, things would be so much easier. And I am not perfect at it- I probably never will be. But I am working on it.

You know what is crazy though? This post has taken me multiple days to write (sorry) and in that time, I had a youth group meeting.

My associate pastor gave us a small message about being over-confident and then he played us a song. He played Come to the Table by Zach Williams. And while he played it, he told us to reflect and to pray.

In that moment, while all was silent except for the song, the breeze started blowing. And I have almost never felt so at peace and happy. It felt like for just a little while, a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Even just thinking back to it now, I get chills and feel happy.

God can give us the peace that we desire. If we don’t turn to Him for it, we will never be able to find that peace and hope that we long for and that we need.

If you are searching for peace and just aren’t finding it, ask yourself where you are looking for peace. Are you looking to the one who created you and the one who loves you? Or are you looking to your friends and family? Are you looking to movies, or books? (I’ll admit, I’ve been guilty of looking to all of these false peaces.) If you’ve been looking to things other than God, have you found that peace? The real, long, happy peace? My guess is you haven’t- and you aren’t supposed to! You are supposed to look to God for peace!

I know we all struggle sometimes. I know it is hard to just take our hands of the wheel and let God take control of our lives, but I promise it will be worth it!

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