Plants in the Sill

I realize that the colors in this photo aren’t exactly the most matching colors in the world, but I actually love them. I love the brightness and the contrast of them.

I really just love this picture overall. I have already told you that I love colors, but I also love plants. In my window sill, I have five plants- one other just like this one, a succulent, and two pink flowers, and of course, this one. I really am not sure why this plant- and it’s twin- has so much fuzz on it. If someone could explain it to me, that would be great :).

A while ago, a friend encouraged me to start an Instagram account for my photography. I brushed him off, saying my photos weren’t that good. And I will be honest- sometimes I have doubted. I’ve wondered if they were good enough for people to see and actually like. I never know exactly what I’m supposed to take pictures of. So, that’s where you all come in. What do you like to see pictures of? Do you like plants, the sky, landscapes, or animals? Do you want edited versions of the pictures, or the original? While I love just taking pictures of the random things around my house and in my yard, I do want to show you all what you want to see, so please let me know! Give me some feedback and I will try as hard as I can to please!

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