The Trees

When I was younger, we would go camping every year with my homeschool group. We’d spend about four days at the campsite near our homes- although at the time it felt hours away. Let me know in the comments if you want to hear more stories about those trips later (we had some crazy adventures) but for now, I’ll tell you the one that is more related to this picture.
The last year that we were able to go, my parents were in Texas, so we went with our close friends. They had two kids- twins- who were about a year older than my older brother. They are still his best friends, with the girl now being my brother’s girlfriend.
So they took us to the campground and were responsible for us until our parents were able to come the last morning.
We had just finished dinner and were done washing the dishes. My brother was laying down on the bench of the picnic table, talking with us. Suddenly he looked up, and pulled out his phone. He took a picture in black and white of the light filtering through the trees, much like this picture. That picture remained his lock screen for a long time after that.
Ever since seeing that picture and seeing him take it, I’ve been in love with the idea of the black and white trees. Before this week, I was never able to take one that I was satisfied with. When I was finally able to take it, I was soooo happy, and couldn’t help sharing it. So here it is! Hope you all enjoy it!!

I am working on getting into more of a routine with when I post, but since I wasn’t able to post this weekend, I will also be posting tomorrow, so look for that!

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