It’s 2021! Woah, even typing that was strange. I’ve been so used to typing 2020 that changing that zero to a one was slightly awkward for my fingers.

We made it!! We are officially through 2020, the year that we thought would never end.

In 2020, I started my junior year. I had an amazing sixteenth birthday. I made some pretty fantastic friendships- and deepened the ones I already had- on my cross country team. I was captain of the high school girls cross country team. I got my license and began driving by myself. I did more puzzles than I can count while staying at home. I got to take pictures of my brother and his fiance right after they got engaged. I deepened my relationship with Christ, and learned to cling to Him when things were uncertain.

This year is going to be pretty different. It’s going to bring a lot of changes- at least in my life. I’ll turn seventeen. I’ll complete my junior year of high school and begin my senior year. I’ll run my last ever cross country meet. I’ll be in my brother’s wedding. I’ll do so many things that I have done a hundred times before, but maybe this time they’ll be a little different. We learned never to take things for granted during 2020. We learned to be thankful for everything that we have been given, no matter how big or small.

My “New Years Resolutions” are to, first and foremost, grow my relationship with God. I want to focus on Him and my relationship Him more than anything- more than myself, or boys, or the world. My second one is to get stronger. I want to be in shape all the time, not just during cross country season. I want to work on taking care of myself, and not just letting everything go because I am so focused on getting all my school done. I want to continue editing my already finished novels, and finish another one by the end of the year.

What are your resolutions?

(enjoy the random bridge picture ;))

oh and sorry for taking a little unexpected break last week

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