By Your Works

Alright, I’m back again! I know, the week is almost over, but it has been a crazy busy week so I didn’t get a chance to write until now.

So some things happened over the weekend, and it REALLY opened my eyes to some things. I had a good talk with some of my close friends and family about it, and they were able to give me a lot of insight.

The main point of today’s post is that if you are a Christian, you should be able to tell. People should be able to look at you and see that you are different.

In these verses, Jesus was talking about the false prophets. However, it also applies to believers. A good tree does not bear bad fruit- if you are a Christian, and you are pursuing a relationship with God, you will not bear bad fruits. Obviously we are still human, and we are still sinners. So we are not going to be perfect. Sometimes we will slip up and mess up, and we will do things that we shouldn’t and that are not Christlike. And God forgives us in that.

However… if you’re consistently acting in ways that do not honor God, and that do not show your faith, that is where you need to step back and look at yourself and your beliefs. If you believe that you can still act in sin while professing that you are a devout Christian, I would recommend taking a look at the Bible and figuring out the problems with that.

People- ESPECIALLY nonbelievers- should be able to see your faith by your works and your attitude. They certainly aren’t going to be able to see it if you are acting in the same way that a nonbeliever does.

Faith and works go hand in hand, in a way. If you have faith, you will do good works- not even to show your faith and say “look at me, I’m a Christian!” God doesn’t want us doing that either. You should do good works because it is what God calls us to do, and because you want to. Acting in a way that is honoring to God is something that comes with having a relationship with Him. You would not want to be in a relationship with someone who was constantly denying their friendship with you. In the same way, while God does still love us, it makes Him sad when we act in ways that are not honoring to Him.

I read a post yesterday that a lady had put out about how “good” Christians were screaming at her as she went into a Planned Parenthood clinic. I don’t remember where the post was, I don’t remember why she was there, I don’t remember much. But it broke my heart. I do not- and I will NEVER- support abortion. If that was why that young lady was there, I don’t support her in that.

But I. Still. Love. Her.

And I know that the way to stop her from going in there was not to scream at her. Not to call her names and degrade her and insult her. If that is how you think it should be handled… I’d honestly be interested to hear your argument.

Regardless, that isn’t the way that I believe it should’ve been handled. What kind of image of Christians do you think that gives her? Because based on that post, I can tell you that it sure wasn’t a good one.

You can know Christians by their works… and I’m sorry to say that those people weren’t doing a very good job.

We as Christians reflect our Christ. When people see us, they see Christ. If we are acting inappropriately and badly, that is the way that they see Christ. If we are loving and kind and caring- yes, even when they aren’t. Yes, even when they hate us. Yes, even when we are hurting and angry. Yes, even when we don’t agree- they will see that THAT is our Christ. Because that is what our Christ is. We just don’t do a very good job of showing it.

And I’m not just talking about treating other people badly- that is one of the biggest things, but it is not the only thing. If we blend in with the crowd- swearing, saying God’s name in vain, acting inappropriately- people are not going to see Christ in us. They aren’t even going to know that we are Christians. We are called to be set apart from this world.

First of all, your body is a living sacrifice. If you are defiling it, how good do you think that sacrifice is going to be? This goes for the mind as well- not just the body.

Second of all, we are supposed to be in this world but not of it. We are not supposed to blend in. We are supposed to stand out. Even when it hurts. Even when they hate us. We are supposed to stand out and proclaim our amazing God.

This all circles back around to the fact that we are God’s lights here on earth. We are called to help others and spread His Word. Because let me remind you- as morbid and horrible as it sounds (because it is)- those who are not saved WILL go to Hell. And there is no redemption there.

If you are not currently trying to shine your light… I’d suggest some re-evaluation 🙂

I apologize, today’s post is a little jumbled and crazy. I had a lot of thoughts to get down and kinda just spewed. I hope this made sense and helped some people!!

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