100th Post!

Well, this is my 100th post! Look how far we’ve come. My first official post was a year and a half ago- down to the day. I’ve published several book chapters, many many verses, and countless photos. I honestly never thought I’d make it this far. Three years ago, I would have NEVER imagined sharing my pictures or my thoughts. I was terrified of the feedback I would receive. I was scared I wouldn’t reach anyone, or people wouldn’t like what I had to say or the pictures that I took. A friend encouraged me to share my photography, and I lied and told him I’d think about it- thinking that he was crazy and I would never do that. 

Fast forward a few months and a friend invited me to share a blog with her and a few others. And we got some good posts out! (Those are still up by the way, and I’ll link the page at the bottom. Definitely worth the read!). Then my dad came to me with the idea of my own blog where I could share The Warrior’s Daughter, and get my own thoughts, pictures, and opinions out in a place that was all my own. 

My dad creates websites basically for a living, so it didn’t take him long to have built me my own website. My “Introducing Me” post was published on May 8, 2020. 

Several months after that, I decided I wanted to grow even more. So I created an Instagram for my blog- also linked at the bottom. I posted updates, encouraging quotes, pictures, and verses. Since I created it in late November of 2020, it has grown to 71 followers. 

I know, I know- some of you would say that it’s not a lot. 

But nowwww it’s time to get to today’s real post! 

I don’t care about how many people see this. I don’t care how many people follow my Instagram. I don’t care how many people view my reels. I don’t care how many people comment on my blog posts. I don’t care how many people see these. 

And to anyone who has their own blog- or anything similar to a blog- and is struggling with similar feelings, I understand completely how you are feeling. It’s like yelling and feeling as if no one is hearing you.

But I’ll tell you who does hear you- God hears you. And as long as you keep praising His name, it doesn’t matter who hears you. It doesn’t matter who reads your stories or likes your post. Keep shouting His name from the rooftops- God will do the rest. He knows exactly who needs to hear your encouragement, and exactly when they need to hear it.

And even if those people never come. Even if you never get a large following. Even if only one person ends up reading your posts. That’s okay. Because you could be the difference in that one person’s life. Changing one person’s life is just as valuable as changing a million people’s lives, and you will be rewarded for your efforts no matter the outcome.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far! I can’t wait to continue this journey!

My Instagram: @rcalife

My “Old” Blog: Sugared Moments