Well, I know that I haven’t talked a lot about my college plans. Part of that is for privacy reasons, and part of that is just because it’s really slipped my mind. And another part of it is that I am pre-writing a LOT of the posts that are coming out this year. Maybe that’s something that I’m not supposed to talk about as a blogger? But I don’t really care, because it’s the truth. I try to write most of the posts as if I am really writing it the day before it comes out, but the chances are, even if it seems like I’m speaking from the present, I actually wrote the post several weeks/months before it came out. So because I’m writing so far in advance, school isn’t really on my mind right now, because for me, it is still summer. I did take a summer course, but since I just finished it, I’m trying not to dwell on school too much. So that’s most of why I haven’t really mentioned what my next plans are.

But here’s the plan that I have right now: I am going to start by obtaining my Associate of Arts through a local college near me. This will get me all of the Gen Eds and Pre-Reqs that I need in order to transfer to another college near me, where I will obtain my Bachelor’s in Social Work. This is all going to take me until December of 2024, because I already have most of my associates done, and the Bachelor’s in Social Work is an accelerated course. I’ll be taking five classes a semester for the first fall, spring, and summer before I transfer, and then about four classes a semester for the following fall, spring, summer, fall. This also adds into why I am scheduling posts out so far ahead. I have no idea how hard this workload is going to be on me, but I still want to be consistent in posting, so I’m scheduling now, while I have the time. When it gets to December, I will hopefully be able to be writing posts just a few days before they come out, as well as scheduling out for the remainder of the school year.

But I promise, there’s a reason that I’m going into this long, boring description of my plans that you probably didn’t care about. That reason is that today marks the halfway point in the semester!!! (For me, at least, and likely a lot of other people) I’m officially halfway through the college semester! Only about 56 days left! Future, October 17th me is probably jumping for joy right now! If she’s still able to get out of bed, that is- five classes is a bigger workload than I’ve ever taken on, so we’ll see how that goes…

That being said, if you are struggling to get through this semester, and feeling as if you just aren’t going to make it, and you’re going to fail all of your classes, here’s a little encouragement:

Your grades really don’t matter that much. And I know what you’re going to say- “YES THEY DO”- and trust me, I care about my grades as much as the next person. I was reallyyy not happy when I got a B in a class for the first time. And yes, I know, grades are important for getting into college, and making your parents happy, and being smart and all that. And yes, you should definitely do your best to get good grades and do well. We should always do everything to the best of our ability. (Colossians 3:23-24, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.”). But if the best of your ability isn’t always perfect, that’s okay. When we get to Heaven, God is not going to look at else and go “well, you loved me, and you believed in me, but your grades were just really bad. and since your grades were really bad, and you didn’t get into a good college, and you didn’t get a good career, you don’t deserve to be in Heaven”. God is never ever everrrr going to do that. So while yes, it is important to do things well and try our best- and God does love when we do that- He is not going to condemn us if our grades are less than perfect. So just try to take a couple of deep breaths, don’t stress out too much, and know that God already knows how this semester is going to end. He’s got you, so you’ve got this. Not by your own strength, but by His.

Additionally, this is your mid-semester reminder to drink lots of water, get lots of sleep, and set a good routine. I can almost guarantee you that if you set a good routine of going to bed early, getting up earlier, marking out time slots for your different school subjects (this kinda goes more for homeschool students and college students, who generally have a bit more of a loose schedule), then you will be more productive and you will feel better. This will also allow you to set aside time to get in the Bible and connect with God- which I can DEFINITELY guarantee will make you feel better and you’ll probably be more productive. That has become my biggest goal this semester- set a good routine, follow it, be productive, and maintain a strong relationship with Jesus. And ya know, drinking lots of water and maybe throwing some exercise in there would be good too, just to make you feel better physically. I know that I generally felt sooo much better when I was running all the time, and was in shape. (And trust me, this is July RCA’s reminder to October RCA to do all of these things too, because I just know that I will fall out of the routine a millionnnnn times. So you are not the only one, and I am not saying this as someone who is perfect and doesn’t struggle with all of these things).

So I hope that everyone has had a wonderful first half or so of the semester, and I am praying that it all goes well for you all the next half! If there is anything specific that I can be praying for, you can DM me on my account on Instagram @rcalife and I will totally be praying for you!

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