through adversity

this little plant started as my sister’s- I think that she got it as a gift for a birthday or Christmas- and I’ll be honest… it was dying. Not surviving at all. It was really going through it.

So my sister gave it to my mom- who is secretly some sort of plant whisperer. All of our dying plants that we give her, she somehow brings them back to life. And like normal, she completely brought this one back to life. My sister went to work at a camp for the summer, and my mom put it in sunlight, watered it, and it is a completely new plant now.

But you know me, there’s always a lesson behind these things. So here it is.

Sometimes we are like that plant. We are dying, we are struggling to survive, and we are giving up. We are on our last bit of life. And if we give ourselves to God, like my sister gave her plant to my mom, He can bring us back to life. He can give us a little sunlight and a little water, and make us whole new people. But we have to let Him in and let Him heal us and grow us through the adversity.

Short little post today because I have writer’s block in a million areas but I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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