It is finally November 1! We are about a month and half into fall and at this point, in most places, the leaves are headed to the ground. That means that we are getting closer to Thanksgiving! I cannot believe that there are just two months left in 2022- it feels just like yesterday that I was celebrating New Years.

There is a point to all of this though- I’m trying to take this time to reflect on the past year and everything (good and bad) that has happened. I want to focus on the amazing things that God has given me this year, and not just the fact that I am racing for it to be over and get onto the next one. Was it a difficult year? Absolutely. A lot of things happened that were incredibly difficult for me. But were there some amazing things that happened. I made some amazing friends, and some fantastic memories with both the new and old people in my life. I watched my relationship with God grow even deeper through everything I went through. Those are the things that I want to focus on. The ways that God is keeping me in the present, blessing me in the past, and providing for me in the future.

I have always been a “just push through till the next stage” person. I’ve always justified not being fully present in my surroundings because I don’t like them, or I know that the next stage of life is going to be better. I counted down every single day for half of this semester in a desperate attempt to make them go faster. And I’m working on shifting that mindset because it isn’t healthy and it isn’t right. Is this a stage of life that I particularly enjoy? Not at all. Somedays are really really hard and I am desperately praying that God will just hold me up until the next stage.

But I can’t do that my entire life. Someday, I will look back with so much sadness because I wasn’t making the most out of the circumstances that God was putting me in. So I’m working on focusing on the present and finding the joy in the difficult things that I may not necessarily enjoy (school). Right now, that means learning as much as I can in my classes and focusing on the good things coming out of it, rather than complaining about my workload- or at least I’m trying. My friends might tell you otherwise ;). Finding joy in the little things means pointing out every leaf, pretty tree, and beautiful fall picture that I see, and thanking God for the beauty He’s given me to enjoy. Making the most out of my circumstances means laughing and loving my friends when I get the time to see them, and being happy to be present from afar with them on the days that I don’t get to see them.

(and yes, this all means no celebrating Christmas till at least Thanksgiving… a challenge that you all know will take nearly all of my willpower).

So that is what I’ve been learning recently and trying to dwell on! I hope that it was helpful for at least some of you 🙂

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