dear january 2022 me…

we made it through 2022. it was hard. very hard. much harder than we expected it to be at the beginning. we lost some friendships, and it really hurt. we still miss them sometimes. ending high school didn’t quite go how we wanted it to. we faced a lot of change and even though we don’t always handle it well, we learn to take it as it comes and ride the waves that God is giving us. we take college head on, and make it through, even if it is a lot of stress and work. we start working at a new place and it’s a lot to deal with. sometimes it gives us really bad anxiety. we hit our lowest point and we weren’t really sure how to come back from and it was hard. we had our heart broken in a couple of different, really painful ways.

but what did we learn? 

we learned that above all else, God is good. he will provide. yes, we lost some friends, but we gained a couple of really amazing new ones who truly care about us and make us laugh and hold us when we are scared. we face challenges with them but we work through them because these ones are worth it. they push us to be bold and to trust God’s plan and help us take the chances we couldn’t take alone. we excel in college, pushing through the hard days and going the extra mile. we start learning how to be a light for Jesus at our new job. we grow closer to God in ways that we never have before. we rely on him to hold us on the days that it hurts. we get better about running to him first instead of holding it in or leaning on others. we work hard on our trust issues. we dance in the rain. we laugh at our mistakes. we strive for a faith like Mary’s. we maturely face our problems. we let ourselves cry and get it out when we need to. we learn how to face relationships- romantic and platonic- with a healthy, faith-focused outlook. because of that, we are able to keep ourselves accountable when we fall for someone or make a new friend. we grow bolder with our faith. we learned that when we have a good mindset, focused on the blessings Christ has given us, the hardest of things seems less hard. 

so what to say to 2023 me…

you will get through this. it will be hard and it will hurt, no matter what comes. I know, even now, that there will be many difficult days. you will miss the people that are far in distance, though never in heart. you will put your best foot forward in whatever you do, striving to have a positive attitude. you will push yourself to have a better relationship with Christ. you will love and you will lose, and that will hurt. but it will be ok because God has a plan for how to use that loss. you will blast and sing music at the top of your lungs. you will dance even more in the rain. you will hold your hurting friends and family, and you will be held by those people. you will face what comes in life with strength because you know who holds your future. you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. and you will do them, even on the days that it hurts. you will live with the knowledge that you are loved by an amazing God who refuses to let you go, even on the days that you run away. I can’t wait to see what this year will hold for us 🙂 

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