my 2022 favorite ornament!

We have a LOT of ornaments in our house- we have two very large trees filled with them. Throughout my family’s lives, we’ve all collected them from various places. Some of us got them from school, some from vacations, a TON from grandparents, and everything in between. 

So I’ve decided to start picking a favorite ornament every year.
This year, my favorite ornament was these dolphins from my family’s vacation to Ocean City, Maryland. It was an absolutely gorgeous place and we made some pretty great memories. We actually got to see real dolphins, even though they were really far out. They were absolutely amazing and it was a really cool experience, so this ornament is a great reminder of that. And the ornament itself is really pretty so that helps too 🙂 

Do you have a favorite ornament on your tree? Feel free to comment here or on my Instagram (@rcalife)! 

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful December and a great day!


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