Christmas Tree Farm

I have a lot of dreams in life. Become a published fictional romance writer, live in the mountains, own horses, adopt kids, be an actress, tell the entire world about Jesus, go on tour in a band, and a million other things. Some of them are obviously pretty unattainable and some are more realistic.

But there is one dream that I’m not quite sure where it falls. And that dream is to own and run a Christmas tree farm. I have had a ton of amazing memories at the Christmas tree farm near us that are really special and hold a lot of value for me. I would absolutely love to be able to be a part of providing memories like that for other people. It would be amazing to start a family business like that, spending time with the people that I care about, and giving other people a chance to get in the Christmas spirit. I would love to quite literally live in “Christmas Tree Farm” by Taylor Swift.

My younger sister painted this canvas for me this year to add to my collection of Christmas decorations and I absolutely love it. It has made me so happy and perfectly brings the room together. And it very much reflects my dream of owning a Christmas tree farm and having a barn like that. It is my small reminder of all of my dreams and that even if I never attain them, it is still okay to work towards them and want them.

Overall, this has to be one of my favorite decorations- along with my actual Christmas tree sign decoration that I posted earlier this week, and my little Christmas tree that sits in my room. So really, it’s all of the decorations to do with Christmas trees ;).


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