for the hurting heart

For the hurting heart…

For the person who feels defeated…

For the one who feels empty, as if they have nothing left to give…

For the broken spirit…

This is not the end. Whatever it is you are going through, whatever it is you are grieving, this is not the end. Your world still turns. It feels as if it has stopped. As if you are standing still and time no longer moves. But it does and you will go on. You will take that first step forward, leaving this pain in the past. Because you are stronger than this. It cannot define you if you don’t let it. It cannot stop you from living if you do not let it. And you are strong enough and brave enough not to let it. I know it hurts. I know it is scary. But you can do this. God has you in His hand and He is not going to let you go. He will not let you fall. His power is made perfect in your weakness and He will carry you through this. He will lift you up in these difficult moments of doubt and He will hold you close. His plan is still in action, even when we don’t understand how it could possibly work out when things look so utterly bleak. But it is happening behind the scenes as we cry out in anguish for Him to just do something.

So here is the “something” that He will do:

He will heal your heart.

He will defeat your enemies and crown you a victor.

He will fill you with more than you could ever hold and allow you to give freely.

He will fix your cracked and broken spirit.

It hurts and it is hard. No one knows that better than I do. But I know you can do it, with the strength that God is giving you. I believe in His power to do amazing things- and I believe in you.

It is going to be okay.

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