The Strongest Jewel 2.0, Here We Go!

Well, if you have been here for a hot second, you know that a while back, I had two books get deleted from Google Docs. Completely. I don’t know what happened to them, I don’t know where they went, or how they got deleted. But here we are. Those two books where The Warrior’s Daughter and The Strongest Jewel.

Now, thankfully, I had already published or scheduled out every single chapter of The Warrior’s Daughter- which you can read on my blog under the tab, “The Warrior’s Daughter”. Keep in mind, that was written by 13 year old me. Things have changed a lot since then. But, regardless of my feelings on my writing skills at the time, it is and always will be my first baby and I am so thankful that I had already published it because it meant far less work for me- I probably would have had to take the paper copy that I have and rewrite it from that. I would have done it for the sake of finishing publishing, but it would have been a lot of unnecessary work.

So what about The Strongest Jewel? Well, I didn’t have that one published or backed up anywhere. I hadn’t even made a paper copy of it because that is expensive and time consuming. So unfortunately, The Strongest Jewel was lost to the darkness of space forever. And, if you have read my previous post on this subject, you will know that I was very disappointed… BUT I was also very excited. This was another book that I wrote when I was about 14-15. Which meant that it also had the writing skills and maturity level of 15 year old me. Everything is a process and everything gets better with time, and I would hope that my writing has improved immensely since that time. I’m not ashamed of the way that I wrote back then, but there are definitely some things that I would cringe at whenever I would go back and read it. But there was just too much to do a complete rework of the entire book when I had so many other projects that I wanted to work on.

So it getting deleted was the perfect opportunity to redo it. It happened when I was still working on other projects, but I could see the end of those nearing and I knew that it would be the perfect time. I obviously took a two month break when I went and worked at a camp over the summer- finishing my previous project, Traitorous Hearts, just days before leaving. That was a good period of time to refresh my brain and give myself a bit of a break so that I didn’t burn out.

And then as soon as I got home, it was jumping right back in and using as much of the free time I had as possible to get a head start before school. While scrolling on social media, I came across the site Reedsy which allows you to write books and is actually meant for that. So rather than having to figure out the formatting myself in Google Docs- and worry about the books getting deleted again- I am experimenting by writing The Strongest Jewel 2.0 on Reedsy this time around. So far I am loving it and it has been super helpful for setting goals and helping me stay on track with my writing. If I stay on top of things throughout the school year- no promises, but high hopes- then I will have finished this book by the beginning of next August. I would love to finish before then but books typically take me about a year to write so that would be about exactly that time frame. While writing this, I am three chapters into the book. When this post comes out, I would love to be at least five or six chapters in but school will have started by then so I really don’t know what is going to happen. I will keep you guys updated!

So this is the official announcement that The Strongest Jewel 2.0 is on its way- and as soon as I decide it is ready, I am going to start posting those chapters! That way, in case we have another fiasco like last time, I won’t need to worry about it getting deleted again because I will already have it published or backed up to the blog!

I am really excited to be going through this book again because it truly does mean so much to me and I really cannot wait to finally share it with you all. And who knows what will come after that? Maybe you’ll see something I haven’t even thought of yet, maybe you’ll see something that’s been in the works for years 😉

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